the untended garden


I’ve left this blog untended for quite some time, through a few years now of work, family life, experiences, and uncertainty over how to direct a sliver of a creative life. I’ve thrashed myself at times over an inability to develop any kind of consistent writing practice, although a streaky pursuit of free writing has at times yielded some fun and insightful moments. But hey, life gets in the way…

I’ve grown in my  enjoyment of photography and the combination of creating images and capturing the elusive thoughts and words that they inspire. Perhaps this is a space I’ll return to more regularly to see what happens if I occasionally drop a photo together with a few ideas from reading and writing. Sort of like the character in an infrequently-tended garden, with crumbled bricks and robust vines, much of the beauty can happen through just setting things in motion and letting nature run its course.

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